Knowledge Management for Developers
Transform the way you capture ideas and manage tasks. Just beatifully simple workflows using plain folders, markdown and good old journaling

Feeling scattered? Endless To-Do lists got you down? Ever feel like there’s a perfect app out there, but nothing quite fits?

Maybe the problem is not missing the right app, or that magic bullet to solve everything. Sometimes good insights and good questions are more important to move forward.

Actually you might not be missing the right app. Maybe the current one might be locking you in work under a single colored glass.

Master your system not your tools. Your work belongs to you, not your app.

TaskFolders is about prioritizing process and work patterns over a single app solution. While great solutions might seem rare, a lack of deep problem understanding is rampant. A healthy dose or journaling and note taking on top of your tasks can go to great extent when trying to tackle the toughest work.

We do have some apps and extensions, but we try hard to focus on supporting you by building healthy workflows, not capturing your data in exchange of premium features. If we ever go away, all your work will remain easily reachable.

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